food You will find most of the following dishes in the majority of restaurants serving Bulgarian food.

Shopska Salad - chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and bell-peppers (sometimes raw, sometimes roasted, but equally tasty) sprinkled with grated sirene (Bulgarian white feta like cheese, made from cow's or ewe's milk).

Snezanka (White Snow) - thick creamy yoghurt with chopped cucumbers or gherkins, crushed walnuts and garlic. Delicious!

Kyopoolu - roasted aubergines, red and green peppers, and tomatoes are cut into tiny pieces and minced then fried in little olive oil, and seasoned with some salt, garlic and freshly cut parsley. Hummmm!

Tarator - a cold yoghurt and cucumber soup. Very refreshing in a hot day.

Chushka Biurek - roasted bell-peppers stuffed with sirene (see above) and eggs, dipped in beaten egg then in flower and deep fried. A must try!

Bob chorba - traditional bean soup with vinegar and chilli, do bring yourself to try it, it is quite tasty!

Sirene po shopski - white cheese, tomatoes and an egg on the top baked in a terracotta pot.

Purjeni tikvichki - sliced fried courgettes served warm, covered with mixed natural yoghurt with little pressed garlic and salt and sprinkled with chopped dill.

food Liutenitsa -this relish, with a dark red colour is usually made in autumn from red peppers, aubergines, ripe tomatoes and sunflower oil. Some cooks prefer to "spice it up" by adding various amounts of seeded hot peppers, grated carrots, onions, caraway seeds, sugar, black pepper and/or dill for flavouring as the peppers, aubergines and tomatoes simmer and stew.

If the menu in the restaurant is not very imaginative on desserts and offer only pancakes or creme caramel the cafes usually have a very good selection of pastries and cakes.

Snacks are available all over the country even in tiniest shops or from stands on the streets. If you are feeling a little peckish - why not try:

Banitza - fillo dough pastry filled with white cheese and eggs, a good one simply melts in your mouth;
Gevrek - a round with a hole in the middle bagel like bred, sometimes sprinkled with sesame seeds or coarse sea salt;

Finally if you are feeling really adventurous, try some boza - a thick malt drink with a distinct smell and taste. We have never met a single foreigner who liked it!


The fame of Bulgarian wine speaks for itself - it is inexpensive and good. The universal rule still applies here, though - don't buy the very cheapest. The delicate white wines Dimyat, Misket and Riesling are to be followed by full reds such as Merlot, Cabernet and Gamza.

Bulgarian beers such as Astika, Zagorka, Kamenitsa, Bolyarka and Ledenika are all very continental in their appeal and much cheaper than imported beers. Zagorka special and Zagorka Gold are our favourites.

Rakia is to the Bulgarian as Whisky is to a Scot. Made from distilled grape or plum wine, a tremendous number of different types are made across the country. Each region produces its own Rakia, there are so many and all very good. There is also a tradition of home distilling, and many households produce a quantity of Rakia for home consumption. Despite what every English person knows, this is not a sure fire recipe for blindness and death, but a pleasant and very productive recreational past-time. In fact, the Bulgarian government encourages the activity by providing municipal stills which may be used by the local population.

Places to Eat in Veliko Turnovo

food You will find all the addresses, also many more suggestions and more details in the houses.

Restaurant "Starata Kushta" - A traditional Bulgarian style house. Pretty patio with a well in the centre. Large selection of excellent food and drinks. It is advisable to book.

Restaurant "Stastlivetsa" (The Happy Man) - Two restaurants. The first one is above the Theatre building. Two floors of stylish furniture and excellent authentic Bulgarian food. The second restaurant is towards the old town and the terrace, just above the river Yantra offers stunning views, excellent to be enjoyed during a lunch.

Restaurant ''Vinarnata'' - a few doors from the second ''Shtastlivetsa'' restaurant. Excellent views, good food, very good wine list.

Restaurant "Loza" - This cosy decorated in traditional folk style restaurant will delight you with very good food and extensive selection of drinks.

Restaurant "Elenite" - Just around the corner from Villa Pavlov, it offers good food and a friendly service.

Pizza Tempo - Clean modern pizza restaurant with traditional wood fired pizza oven centre stage, watch your pizza being made and cooked. English menu available. Good food, wide range of wine.

Restaurant "Payaka", Arbanassi - Excellent restaurant, a terrace for the hot summer evenings.

Restaurant "Lyulaka", Arbanassi - An other very good choice for a night out. Live Bulgarian folk musicians performing on week-end nights.

Cafe "Aqua" - Modern cafe with impressive views from the terrace high over the Yantra river. Large selection of drinks, delicious cakes. Well translated English menu. Mainly young clientele.


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