We are happy to have you stay in one of our properties and leave you to enjoy your holiday in peace! However, if you wish, we can arrange various activities and services for you. Please contact us to arrange any of the following.

Chauffer service between Sofia, Varna or Bourgas and Veliko Turnovo for arrival and departure.

Washing and ironing service - We do offer a service of collecting your clothes at night and delivering them, washed and ironed, the following day. The cost is 15 leva (approximately £6) for up to 15 items.

Escorted tours - There is plenty to see and do in Veliko Turnovo and the surrounding area. It is up to you to decide the intensity of your programme - if you feel like taking it easy and having frequent stops in pleasant places for a drink, you will be in a land of plenty. Veliko Turnovo offers that, at any corner. Action loving travellers, please see Places to Visit.

Interpreter - We can arrange an interpreter to accompany you if required.

Daily shopping - Both of the properties have fully fitted and equipped kitchens and there will be complementary tea bags, coffee, milk and sugar to see you through your stay. We could organise your daily shopping from fresh fruit to soft drinks or wine.

Other things which I haven't thought of (!) - If you have any special interests that you would like to pursue while in Bulgaria, please let us know, and we may be able to make some suggestions or put you in touch with useful people.

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